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9.1 Surround Sound Headphones

The mdr-hw700 ds is a new fs head-up display (hu) that features 9, 1 ch digital surround wireless Headphones with an asking price of $1, these Headphones offer excellent sound quality with a well-proven design and performance. These Headphones are peerless for daily use in a busy environment.

Gaming Headset  ( No Mic No Aux Cable)

Logitech G Pro X Wired

By Logitech


Gaming Headset


By Corsair


91 Surround Sound Headphones Walmart

The sony mdr-hw700 ds are new generation of wireless Headphones with a9, 1 ch digital surround wireless headphone system. These Headphones are enticing for someone hunting for a comfortable, high-quality experience with sound, with their design, these Headphones are sure to please anyone searching for an intense listening experience. The sony mdr-hw700 ds is a new high-end Headphones line from the mdr series, these Headphones are designed for both home and office use and include a built-in speaker and a noise cancellation system. The Headphones are designed to deliver 9, 1 ch high-definition sound with no loss of sound quality. These Headphones also include a built-in microphone and an included history so you can track your listening history and keep track of your preferences, the mdr-hw700 ds is a new surround sound head experience with high-quality sound that is superb for any movie or music experience. With its dts audio ecosystem, this headset provides you with the best sound quality available, it comes with phantom power so you can power on the go, and is topped off by a built-in microphone for uncomplicated communication. These Headphones offer you 9, 1 ch language performance with remote control. The Headphones also include two hearing protectors for added safety, the system is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional surround sound systems, making it an unequaled substitute for admirers digging for a powerful sound system that is furthermore effortless to use.