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Garage Surround Sound System

The ak380 400 w is an 8-watt audio power amplifier sound amplifier for car home garage, with its 400 w power, you'll be able to hear quality sound all in one place. Plus, the surround sound will make your car like a major star.

Surround Sound Under $100

The ak380 400 w audio power amplifier is a high-power audio amplifier for cars, it features four sets of 8" digital voice coil loudspeakers for amazing sound quality. The audio power amplifier is furthermore a sound amplifying device for cars, it can amplify sound up to 400 w per component. The ak380 400 w audio power amplifier for car home Garage is the most powerful surrounds System for home audio purposes, this audio power amplifier makes use of 400 w of audio power to give you the loudest surround sound system. With this system, you can forget about your or radio programs, the subwoofer surround sound on your smartphone or computer is crucial for hearing sound in large spaces. By using an ak380 400 w you can boost the sound quality of your voice or car home Garage this wireless subwoofer surround sound System uses an 400 watt audio power amplifier to boost the sound of your car, the ak380 400 w audio power amplifier is sure to boost the sound of your car with its powerful sound. With its sound amplification capabilities, this audio power amplifier is sensational for boosting the sound of your car.