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Svs Surround Sound System

The Svs prime satellite 5, 1 package provides all you need to sound your best! With svs's advanced soundcard technology, you'll have all the music you need without having to search for a music store. Plus, the surround sound System ensures you'll always have a top listening experience.

Svs Surround Sound System Ebay

The Svs prime satellite sound System includes all the features of the Svs prime package, plus 5, 1 analog audio. It includes a built-in speaker, controls and connections on an uncomplicated to adopt interface, and a money-back satisfaction guarantee, the sound System is able to automatically establish communications with your local area network (lan) and 10-gigabit fiber-based network. It also offers automatic processing of sound signals and the ability to control up to six sound zones, the sound System is capable of dealing with high-end soundtracks and provide the best sound quality with levels. The Svs prime satellite System includes five satellite packages that provide total satellite coverage and are all equipped with a Svs sound system, this System provides sound quality and performance that is second to none. The System includes sound card, all you can need to stream and hear your favorite shows and movies, plus, with the included sound card, you can even hear audio and video through your gaming System and even other computers on the same team. The prime series Svs surround sound System includes a powerful 5, 1-inch diagonal super with an embedded 7 algorithm. This allows you to hear everything well and fully illustrating the latest we dame codex sound design, the system'sanalog audio jacks are also equipped with 7 audio jacks allowing you to dd-wrt you with 7 output for surround sound treatment of your audio sources. The system's front and rear speakers have a resolution of 2000 allowing you to hear them well with normal text and noise, the Svs prime satellite 5. 1 package provides a powerful and clean-looking surround sound System with net programming interface, seven input and output ports, and a front-panel control card, the System can be initialized with a custom input data file or by adding a from line to an existing input file. The System can be controlled with the left and right speakers and imparts a programmability by type control, the System is designed for use in high-end audio applications and is powered by a fast 6. 5 mah battery.