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Boston Surround Sound

The boston micro 110x is a great choice for those who want a surround sound system in the heart of downtown boston. This system features a fat listening area of 110 feet and a 1, 000 watts of power, making it the perfect choice for larger venues or for a large crowd. The right and left speaker get their own echoes technology for extra sound quality.

Boston Acoustics Surround Sound System

The boston acoustics surround sound system is their custom sound design team's best seller. They are a team of experts in the field who put all of their experience and skill into creating their surround sound system. The system is completely customized with over $200, 000 in crowdfunding to date and is still growing. With two sets of speakers, you can customer can choose which room they want to hear their music in. The system also has two microphones that can be placed anywhere in the room for extra sound quality.

Boston Surround Sound Speakers

The boston acoustic 575x home theater surround sound speakers are the perfect way to increase your home theater experience. With their thx certified technology, these speakers can handle high volumes and produce powerful and immersive sound. With their innovative design, you'll be able to control your movie show and go easily and without having to carry around a bulky tv. the boston acoustics cr57 bookshelf speakers are perfect for a home theatre or surround sound system! They have anbunch of different colors and styles to fit any theme or room! the boston surrounds you getting a great surround sound experience. The powered subwoofer provides 75 watts of power for a sound quality of 60dba. This speakers is a micro-inverter fanspeed commercial grade design with a brand new, full metal construction. The sound quality is fantastic and you can feel the heat while listening to your music. The surround sound is easy to use the front panel controls and it takes only a few minutes to set up. The speaker is ready to use and starts working automatically after a few minutes. the boston acoustics powered subwoofer surround sound bass 75 watts micro90pv is perfect for listening to music or dvd's. This surround sound bass 75 watts micro90pv subwoofer is made with high-quality materials and will allow you to hear the music or dvd extremely well. With its 75 watts, it will allow you to hear the performance of the music or dvd using as much or as little power as you need. The micro90pv type of power is perfect for those who want the best sound quality with as little power as possible.