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Cerwin Vega Surround Sound System

The cerwin-vega surround sound System is sterling for a larger or new home, this System includes fivecomponent-naildogys to create a top-rated surround sound experience. The System is made completely out of materials that are durable and reliable, the cerwin-vega System is use and comes with a warranty.

Cerwin Vega Surround Sound Speakers

The cerwin-vega speaker System provides a surround sound experience with up to 100 watts of power, this complete package includes the cerwin-vega sound card, sound chips, and head unit. With the sound card you can use cerwin-vega music and video games as well as regular music players, the sound card provides all the necessary tools to create cerwin-vega sounds. The head unit provides all the features your factory radio would, including radio actuated transmission (rat), dts, and sound cards, the cerwin-vega speaker System features 100 watts of power and will connect to your tv or dvd player. It provides a hi-fi sound quality that will make you feel in the know, thanks to net sound card control, plus, the built-in speaker will let you hear everything going on at the same time, making it uncomplicated to mode up your system. The cerwin-vega surround sound speaker System is designed for home cinema use with up to 100 other cerwin-vega systems to create a surround sound through your tv, refrigerator, air conditioner and more, with cerwin-vega's innovative cmx (customer overlay card) card system, you can configure the System for specific use with a specific tv, computer or tv set-up. You can also use the System with music, video or entertainment projects, the cerwin-vega surround sound speaker System is facile to set up and use, allowing you to create a custom surround sound solution for your home cinema. Schools, and other large, big impact applications, the System includes five main voice and music speaker systems, as well as a noise cancelling microphone and a control panel to control each of these systems. The System can be controlled through a standard audio input or with a computer software application, the speaker systems can be connected to a home network and used with other surround sound applications.